More Maple & Beech live videos

Tyler and Pete are on on a role with these live videos.

Playing in this band is fun because I get to play:

a) sensitive chamber music

b) loud crazy sounds through an effects pedal

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RUNDAWDAW Release Show

I’m playing with Maple & Beach this Saturday at Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater in Minneapolis. Really proud of my friends Tyler and Pete. They made an awesome album, and I am excited to be a small part of it. Buy tickets here. Buy the album here:

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Local Access Interview

I was recently interviewed by the wonderful Bobbi Pominville, for the Western Wisconsin Journal.  We had a very Midwestern chat about jazz, teaching and the weather.

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Maple & Beech

Very excited to be playing with Maple & Beech again. Check out these two new videos and get excited about shows and a new full length album!

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NSQ Album Release


A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this project happen: Pete James Johnson, Ted Godbout, Ted Olsen, The Skeleton Room, Tyler Tholl, Charlie McCarron, Oanh Vu, and Huntley Miller. The album is now available in full at and I am selling physical CDs in person.

Also, we’ve had out first bit of press on the release from the Star Tribune, “Syman […] writes spacious tunes that let the sound of his big horn roll around. The rhythm section […] is likewise spare, penetrating and occasionally spunky.”

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NSQ Album Announcement!

Nick Syman Quartet’s first album will be released November 10, 2016!  We will be celebrating with a 9pm release show at Reverie in Minneapolis as part of Thursday Night Jazz at Reverie.

NSQ album cover

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MNKINO Film Score Fest


For the second year, my friends at MNKINO and Composer Quest have teamed up for the MNKINO Film Score Fest.  20 film makers made short films and 20 composer wrote scores.  The scores will be played by a live orchestra at St. Paul’s Landmark Center August 13, 7pm.  This is my second year composing a score and playing in the orchestra.

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Nick Syman Quartet: First Performance

Last January I realized that I had spent too much time theorizing about putting various groups together and no time actually following through with these plans.  So I started writing tunes for a small jazz group.  Since then I have finished 5 new tunes, repurposed a few older tunes, and put a group together to play them.  Tomorrow is our first performance.  I am excited and a bit anxious.

So for a brief moment in time, the newest band playing the newest music is:

Nick Syman Quartet

August 3/8:30pm/Jazz Central Studios

Featuring: Nick Syman – Trombone, Ted Godbout – Piano, Ted Olsen – Bass, Pete Johnson – Drums

Facebook Event Page

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Wise Blood

Wise Blood

I am playing with a stripped down version of AMO in an opera based on Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood. Check it out at

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When The Clouds Look Like This

The AMO album came out last fall and I am finally getting around to posting about it. Really proud of how it turned out. It got a lot of great reviews, but the coolest bit of press was definitely our inclusion on the Itunes Best Jazz of 2014 list.

Very grateful to Adam for giving me a chance to solo on the first track of the album. The tempo was really kicking my ass at first and he could have easily given it to anyone else in the band, but I think the final take turned out nice. So glad to be a part of the AMO family.

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