Free Improvisation with High Schoolers

Last fall I started a free improvisation group at Hudson High School. 12 young musicians with very little improvisation experience joined and we met twice a week. One month in they played at the fall jazz concert. Free improvisation for an audience of high school parents! Sounds like a disaster, right? It wasn’t. Actually, is was really good. Now they have released an album. Give it a listen. Even if you are not into free music, listen to this and be inspired. Teenagers can create complex, authentic art. I’m not sure I really knew that until this project, but I think that fact is inspiring.

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AMO Kickstarter for album number 2!

photo by Tim McGuire

AMO spent last weekend at Pachyderm Studios recording our second record! Check out the Kickstarter campaign to pre-order the album and help Adam pay the bills:

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More Maple & Beech live videos

Tyler and Pete are on on a role with these live videos.

Playing in this band is fun because I get to play:

a) sensitive chamber music

b) loud crazy sounds through an effects pedal

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RUNDAWDAW Release Show

I’m playing with Maple & Beach this Saturday at Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater in Minneapolis. Really proud of my friends Tyler and Pete. They made an awesome album, and I am excited to be a small part of it. Buy tickets here. Buy the album here:

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Local Access Interview

I was recently interviewed by the wonderful Bobbi Pominville, for the Western Wisconsin Journal.  We had a very Midwestern chat about jazz, teaching and the weather.

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Maple & Beech

Very excited to be playing with Maple & Beech again. Check out these two new videos and get excited about shows and a new full length album!

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NSQ Album Release


A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this project happen: Pete James Johnson, Ted Godbout, Ted Olsen, The Skeleton Room, Tyler Tholl, Charlie McCarron, Oanh Vu, and Huntley Miller. The album is now available in full at and I am selling physical CDs in person.

Also, we’ve had out first bit of press on the release from the Star Tribune, “Syman […] writes spacious tunes that let the sound of his big horn roll around. The rhythm section […] is likewise spare, penetrating and occasionally spunky.”

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