Shifting Paradigm Records

I am very excited to announce that Northing’s debut album, Hill Spell will be release by Shifting Paradigm Records. SPR is a Minnesota based record label that has put out some of my favorite albums of the past few years. You can per-order the album now on SPR’s bandcamp page.

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Album Announcement!

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Studio Video

We’re almost don’t mixing the first Northing record! Planning on a late spring release. In the meantime, checkout this live studio video of Aaron’s tune, Angles of Refraction:

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Try not to use too much ring modulator

Here are two videos of trombone+pedal experiments. I recorded them consecutively so they are very similar. I should only post one, but they both had nice moments and problematic moments, and together they contrast in interesting ways.

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Experimenting With Pedals

After years of borrowing effects pedals from friends, I finally purchased my own setup last spring:
Learning to use them was a fun side project this summer. The first few sessions were frustrating garbage. Getting the mic set right was a challenge. Ring modulators have a serious learning curve. But after some time, I started to get sounds that I like. Here are three of my early experiments:

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Northing Recording Session

Northing just spent two amazing days recording our first album at Twin Lakes Sound Studio! Two days of intense recording and rehearsing really changed the music. I am so grateful to have spent the time with these awesome people and can’t wait to share the album. Also, all recording studios should be on a lake. Swim breaks = better takes.

DSCF0550 (2)

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Two years of writing and thinking about this idea are finally coming together. Northing is a new band featuring:

Aaron Hedenstrom – Alto Sax
Mara Syman – Alto Sax
Nick Syman – Trombone
Josh Becker – Bass Trombone
Pete James Johnson – Drums

More to come!

Northing – Enough from Northing on Vimeo.

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Free Improvisation with High Schoolers

Last fall I started a free improvisation group at Hudson High School. 12 young musicians with very little improvisation experience joined and we met twice a week. One month in they played at the fall jazz concert. Free improvisation for an audience of high school parents! Sounds like a disaster, right? It wasn’t. Actually, is was really good. Now they have released an album. Give it a listen. Even if you are not into free music, listen to this and be inspired. Teenagers can create complex, authentic art. I’m not sure I really knew that until this project, but I think that fact is inspiring.

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AMO Kickstarter for album number 2!

photo by Tim McGuire

AMO spent last weekend at Pachyderm Studios recording our second record! Check out the Kickstarter campaign to pre-order the album and help Adam pay the bills:

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More Maple & Beech live videos

Tyler and Pete are on on a role with these live videos.

Playing in this band is fun because I get to play:

a) sensitive chamber music

b) loud crazy sounds through an effects pedal

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